Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.

Too Faced Chocolate Palettes are by no means new on the market, but with the impending launch of the Peanut Butter & Jelly palette & the recent launch of the Bon Bon palette (in a Mecca Maxima near you today) what better time to revisit an old favourite, part one.

I’ll begin with the original chocolate palette, this was the second eyeshadow palette I purchased in my life (coming in behind the Urban Decay New York palette – amazing palette, I should definitely give it it’s own post) & can I tell you it was one of the most exciting early make-up purchases I have made. Strolling down The Strip in Las Vegas I made a beeline for Sephora, the only bright lights which truly interested me among casinos and night clubs. Through those pearly gates I marched, a little apprehensive I will admit (not having Sephora in Australia at this time I was beaming with anticipation) after a starry eyed roam around the store I landed upon the Too Faced display, well safe to say I was in heaven. Chocolate infused make-up – WHAT? Amazing. Next thing I’m leaving Sephora chuffed as Larry with my bag of goodies. The main attraction being the Chocolate palette. I hope you don’t mind the minor back story into my discovery of the Too Faced palette’s but I can’t help but reminisce.


Now, what is so damn fabulous about the Chocolate Bar palette? Besides from the mouth watering smell of chocolate you receive every time the lid is opened, it is the chocolate smokey eye heaven, with a splash of girly charm. The Chocolate Bar is an assortment of  gold & brown with just enough purple & burgundy to spice it up a little. The palette hosts 11 shimmer/glitter shades & 5 matte, which for me is ideal because it provides the perfect sultry sparkle to my day when I’m feeling everything that glitters is gold. Whilst still maintaining the strong base players to support a casual everyday eye. 

chocolate bar swatches 1

chocolate bar swatch 2

In the last few weeks I have rekindled my love of this palette and have been smashing the shades semi-sweet all over the lid, salted caramel in the crease blended out and marzipan in the inner corner of my eye – its the perfect go to day time look paired with semi-matte skin & a light contour. 

As a side note, champagne truffle is a to die for highlighter on those fairer skinned ladies.


Would you like to see a step by step photo guide for this? Drop me a message in the comments! 



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