Prime Time.

Stop what you are doing & read this!

Last week I made the grandest make-up discovery of 2016 (it’s early days I know but this is pretty special).

TARTE: Clean Slate Poreless 12hr Perfecting Primer!

My make-up routine has been revamped thanks to this little tube of magic.

Up until last week I had been making my way through a tester size ‘porefessional’ by Benefit, which was nothing to write home about. It hid my pores in the morning but by the evening it was like my make-up had taken a trip to the local slip & slide. So off I went to Mecca Maxima to get myself a new Primer, the lady I spoke with was all kinds of helpful however I just did not land on something which caught my eye & skin. Honestly, I think I just had it in my mind that I wanted to try the Tarte primer and no amount of selling ability was going to convince me otherwise.

Thankfully in Sydney CBD we have a Mecca Maxima & Sephora, so I just made my way across Pitt street & through those big glass black & white doors. With the primer in my bag & my wallet pretty happy (only $43 from Sephora Australia) I dropped by Doughnut Time & got myself a tasty doughnut before heading home to test this beauty out.

I think the easiest way to explain what this primer does is to list the description on the tube because it lives up to all of the things it says it controls:

  • pore refining
  • waterproof
  • line filling


I get ready for work at 6am & don’t return home until 7pm every night. Since using this primer I have not had to take a loose powder to work to touch up my foundation towards the end of the day. I’ve noticed my skin appears smoother in photos & even when I’m in my pole dancing class everything has stayed put.

This primer does have a slightly silicon texture, but is light as a feather once applied onto your skin, I apply this with my fingers & use the tiniest amount spread from the centre of my face outwards.

Here is the link to pick this A+ primer up off the Sephora website (Australia & USA):

Give it a go, let me know how you find it!



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