LimeCrime Venus Palette.

Hello everyone!

Apologise for the delay in this post getting to you all. I moved to England last Wednesday & it has been a whirlwind of sightseeing & getting myself sorted with the huge weather change from boiling Australia.

Here is a super quick post about the LimeCrime Venus Palette 1, I’m not a huge fan of the second palette which was released a few months ago but this one is to die for.

LimeCrime colours

As the lovely ladies at LimeCrime stated the palette is the ’90’s grunge look’ heaven. With a host of ‘bruised fruit’ coloured shadows full of lasting pigment & jazz.

Venus swatches

DivineMuse are my absolute favourites, but unlike so many palettes all of these colours are versatile & make an ideal basic palette.

Moreover, the packaging is adorable & transport friendly. The lid holds closed with a magnetic press stud & the small rectangular shape fits into most small make up bags which is a refreshing change to monstrous palettes with the same number of shadows.

Venus Palette frontVenus palette back

That was short & sweet, much like this palette. I have started filming some tutorials so watch out for those soon.





5 thoughts on “LimeCrime Venus Palette.

  1. […] Yesterday my boyfriend, a few friends & myself had a ‘monday session’ of drinking & pub crawling around Birmingham City, which was fabulous. I wanted a dramatic eye, but something that wasn’t too intense for the day (we started out at 2pm) & would take me into the night seamlessly. Hence I landed on, as I often do, my Venus Palette (buy here & swatches/review here). […]


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