Favourite Three Perfumes.

Hello, hello!

My god, the last week & a half has been quite the fiasco. Apologise for the lack of activity on my part but I’ve broken my arm & can I tell you adult life is very hard with one working arm / hand. Apart from the broken arm I went to Switzerland for the first time & it is stunningly beautiful, completely amazing! It is a combination of these things, plus multiple doctors trips now that I am back in England which put a minor halt on my posting (typing this with one hand is ridiculous).

What am I writing about today?

My three top favourite perfumes at the moment! They are also sitting in three separate price points which is a nice surprise for anyone on a budget.

Flora by Gucci is the sexy night out sent of the year for me, with the perfect combination of floral femininity & deep contrasting sensuality. I adore the packaging which reminds me of a days gone by elegance. It is at the higher end of the price range but oh so worth it.


Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein is my go to day time sent, it is lighter then the original Euphoria & brings up thoughts of long summer days with friends. Although sadly it has been discontinued in major department stores for some unknown reason, I have bought up big so I don’t have to say goodbye just yet. I have found two online perfume stores below which still have it in stock for anyone who’s going to miss this beautiful sent as much as me.


Japanese Cherry Blossom from The Body Shop is the most recent member into my perfume wardrobe & can I tell you she is here to stay. The first thing to note is the amazing price point of this fragrance it is extremely affordable. Secondly the sent is beautiful, I haven’t been one for body mists in the past, but the subtle, delicious combination of magnolia, cherry blossom & hinoki wood in this is beautiful.


Have you tried any of these perfumes? If so which is your favourite or do you have a sent to suggest?



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