Skincare Regime.

Hello everyone! 

I thought for today’s post I would share with you my weekly face cleansing routine (thanks to my mum for being great & introducing me to it). 

I’ve really noticed how fab this routine I’ve got going on is over the last couple months by moving from scorching Australia to the rather cool England. Obviously my skin went into slight meltdown mode after the change in environment but by keeping up with this routine it was back to its normal self in no time! 

My normal weekly routine follows: 


  • Monday – Saturday morning: cleanse, toner, daytime moisturiser
  • Sunday morning: clay mask, cleanse, toner, daytime moisturiser


  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday evening: cleanse, toner, evening moisturiser & eye cream 
  • Tuesday & Friday evening: cleanse, scrub, toner, evening moisturiser & eye cream  

I use Nutrimetics products for all of the above steps, I’ve mentioned it before but I love so many of their products & the skincare ‘comfort’ range is bomb! 
Get the complete set here, the mask here & the scrub here!


In the above picture I’m wearing my clay face mask – this product is brilliant, my skin always feels so rejuvenated afterwards & the bottle lasts FOREVER! Honestly I’ve had it for over a year & a half. 

I know that everyone has their own routine & what works for some does not work for others but here you go, this is what I do & the products I use. If you’ve got a range you love or you also use nutrimetics let me know! 

Freckled.Rambles xx.


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