NYX haul.

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all having a sweet week. I have some exciting news (more exciting than the super items I picked up from NYX on Saturday). I’m in CANADA! My boyfriend, Josh & I landed on Friday & have been soaking up the fabulousness of Toronto. One of the fabulous things about Toronto is the NYX Make-Up store on Queen St. Of course I had to go & check it out, I love NYX, it’s such a quality, affordable make-up brand that I think everyone should be enjoying.

I picked up four items from the flagship store on Queen St West, it took a mountain of self control not to walk out with the whole store in my bag.

Ok, now into the goodies!

  1. NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder: SFP01

I used to be a big fan of setting my make-up when I was in my late teen years & for some reason I moved away from the setting powders so I thought it was definitely time to give setting another go & as I don’t need anymore coverage on my face over foundation (I love my freckles to show through still) this white setting powder seemed perfect.

NYX haul HD setting powder.jpg

NYX haul glitter and setting powder.jpg

2. NYX Face & Body Glitter: 08 Bronze

The only thing I need to say here is GLITTER! Amazing, pigmented, shimmery glitter goodness. Just be warned this shit goes everywhere, I woke up the next day (even after taking my make-up off the night before) & looked like I had been attacked by Mardi Gra – not that I am complaining because glitter is life. I picked up the bronze glitter as I am a massive fan of chocolate smokey eyes & I thought this shade would be the most complimentary.

NYX haul glitter demo.jpg

3. NYX Glitter Primer: GLIP01

Obviously glitter is not complete without some fabulous primer to stick it down. I picked up the matching primer for the NYX glitters & have nothing negative to say about it. There is no heavy sent which sometimes happens in glitter primers / glues, the formula is smooth & easy to apply with a brush & you have some work time to get the glitter onto the lid post application. Plus the packaging is perfect.

NYX haul glitter glue and lip creme.jpg

4. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme: SMLC31 Moscow


I am a sucker for blue lipstick, I don’t know why but I just love it. This shade is super special, the chance to build the colour is my favourite aspect, the first  coat is a washed navy & as you build the colour just grows in intensity. The formula is dry within 10mins & stays like a dream. If that was not enough it smells like VANILLA – YUM!

I just like to finish off with a huge thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog! I love you all & stick with me on this make-up journey! 

freckled.rambles xx.




One thought on “NYX haul.

  1. need to try those glitters and the blue lipstick looks so interesting, definitely going on a NYX spending spree soon! great post 🙂


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