Daiso Charcoal Peel Off Mask.

Hello everybody,

I’ve been diving head first into collecting a lot of new beauty & make-up products to test so I can give you all a variety of new & interesting reviews. Today’s post is about a cult beauty product, THE CHARCOAL MASK! I picked up this Daiso Charcoal peel off mask on Amazon for $2.99!

 Please excuse my very sunburnt shoulders in the photo below but here is the first time I used the mask. On my first attempt I did not use enough of the product on my nose & therefore it didn’t draw all of the blackheads out. However I used the mask again a week later (it states you should not use it more then twice a week) & had far more success in the process, I could visibly see the gunk of the blackheads on the back of the charcoal once it was dry & I peeled it off. 


Overall I am really happy with this charcoal peel off mask, the application & use is super simple which I love, it only takes around 12minutes to use & has perfect results!

Freckled.Rambles xx. 


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