Becca & Jaclyn Hill Face Palette.



I feel like I’m slightly behind the barrage of youtube videos and posts about this palette but none the less here it is.

Evidently when the word spread that Becca were teaming up with Jaclyn Hill to release another range the world went into utter make-up meltdown. With Champagne Pop being such an iconic highlighter the thought of more face splendidness was too much & can I tell you it is too much & more. First things first the packaging is dripping with luxury & the weight tells you straight away that this is worth the price tag.


Secondly, the pigmentation & quality of the blushes & highlighters is out of this world. I do not need to go into my love any further – IT IS AMAZING & basically my recommendation is to go out and buy this palette. Walk, run, cycle, drive or fly to your nearest Sephora & pop this baby in your cart.

If you would like to see a video tutorial I made where this palette is featured head over to Freckled.Rambles on youtube.


As always; disclaimer that this post was in no way sponsored (lets be real they don’t need to pay for props for this palette it does it itself).


One thought on “Becca & Jaclyn Hill Face Palette.

  1. Loved reading this! The palette looks incredible! Just to let you know – I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! My post is up on Friday afternoon (which you are tagged in) so you’ll be able to check it out then! xo

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