| Beginners Brush Set |

Hey loves,

With all of the travelling I’ve been doing the last couple weeks (Canada – Australia – England) I’ve realised how extensive my makeup & brush collection is- weight wise it’s been a killer with packing. Which got me thinking: if I had to cull my brushes, which would get the flick & which would I keep, clutching them close to my loving heart in an immortal embrace? Once I thought about these specific brushes I realised they would make for the ideal beginner brush kit for a full face of makeup application.

I wanted to keep this list under ten items because let’s be real, brushes can be really expensive & when you’re starting to build your collection there’s so many more exciting things to buy….like the new KathleenLights X Morphe eyeshadow palette, or the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, or you know … food.

Below you’ll find a list of brushes / makeup applicators, which I think are essential in a first kit of tools. I’ve provided two or three options for each type of tool & have tried to provide both high & low price points for each. Please note that none of these products are sponsored-it’s purely what I think makes a great makeup tool.


Beauty Sponge:

Contour Brush:

Highlighter / Blush brush:

Setting Brush:


Brow Brush:

Shading Brush:

Blending / Crease Brush: 

Smudger Brush:

P.S. all the products listed above are cruelty free & a number are also vegan!

Thank you for reading & I hope this list provides you with something useful to take away & incorporate into  your new makeup collection, or to help you decide which tools you’ll take with you on your next travels.

Freckled.Rambles xx.


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