| My Favourite Places to Eat Vegan in Toronto |

Sitting in front of my computer this morning I’ve been thinking about what I should write today, something makeup related .. no, something about skincare .. no, & then I found myself reminiscing on the delicious vegan treats & meals which I enjoyed early last month in Toronto.

BOOM, let’s talk vegan eats in Toronto.

A quick disclaimer, I have yet to eat at all of the available vegan restaurants, cafes, take aways & hole in the wall venues across the fabulous city, however, over the three days of exploring before Josh & I flew back to the UK, we found some great vegan joints. I also REALLY suck at remembering to take photos of my food before I’ve devoured 3/4 of it so I’m going to insert photos from the various venue’s websites as well as the minimal photos I took .. I’ll get better at this, promise.

First up we have Bloomer’s, located at 873 Bloor St W. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloomersto/

I’ll be honest the one & only reason we went to Bloomer’s was for doughnuts. My life is somewhat dictated by a strong obsession for doughnuts & upon making the switch to veganism I was confident there were fabulous vegan doughnuts out there. Oh man was I right. After deliberating for what felt like hours over flavours like Pumpkin Pie & Birthday Cake I ended up with three doughnuts (yep that’s right, three) …

  • French Toast & Bacon
  • Rose Water & Pistachio
  • Elderflower


Needless to say I fell into doughnut heaven & was despondent leaving the store knowing I was going to be out of the country and away from the doughnutopia for over a month. When I’m back in Toronto at the end of October I am going to be bulk buying these guys!

Second on this list of delicious, must visit places we have Fresh, which is a little chain of vegan restaurants throughout the city with restaurants on Spadina, Bloor, Crawford & Eglinton. Website: https://freshrestaurants.ca/

We visited the Eglinton store & I was legitimately in vegan heaven … it’s probably time for a little story now: I became vegan at the end of July this year & spent all of my time working at a summer camp which meant that 90% of the food I ate came from the camp kitchen & I didn’t get a chance to experience vegan specific restaurants. The menu at Fresh is bursting with options, but in classic Sarah style I got a burger, the Chipotle Bacon burger to be exact. It was extremely filling, super nutritious-feeling (you know when something just feels healthy) & totally delicious. Like I said earlier I suck at remembering to take photos of food when I’m hungry so here’s a snap I found on the gram – (check out the original here)



Lastly, for a quick lunch during our final day we stopped by the Urban Herbivore (a name a quietly love), located 220 Yonge Street.                  Website: https://www.herbivore.to

I feel like a lot of people assume that being vegan means crappy salads when you don’t have time for a sit down meal. Urban Herbivore definitely debunks that idea, I had an amazing ‘build your own’ bowl full of coconut bacon, sweet potato, cauliflower as well as a tone of other tasty ingredients. It was the biggest ‘salad’ I’ve ever hard & I was practically exploding after eating the whole thing which is an important feature in a meal for me. Again I did not take a photo so thank you to Urban Herbivore for having a fire Instagram & here is a snap from their page – (check the original here).


There you have it fam, three of my must visit, totally loved vegan places in Toronto. If you’ve been to any of these or if you have a favourite place in Toronto that I need to visit when I’m back at the end of the month lets chat in the comments!

much love,



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