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How good is food? I know you’re all nodding along here thinking of some tasty arse food you’ve had. Being vegan shouldn’t affect your access to tasty food, however unfortunately sometimes it does. While restaurants & cafe’s get used to adding more vegan friendly options to their menus it is helpful to know where we can go to get an affordable but delicious meal.

Queue Ask Italian, falling into your ‘high street’ restaurant bracket of urban eateries I was pleasantly surprised. The entire vegan menu is pictured below & I’m not sure about you but I really enjoyed that they had a kids vegan menu for all the little stars changing the world.

It is not a huge menu but they had pasta & pizza (lets be fair I came for the pizza) so I was happy!


I had the design your own pizza option & went with the aubergine, mushrooms, olives & onions … I know more then three options … I’m a rebel. The pizza was amazing, honestly. A lovely thin, crispy base with a flavourful tomato base, the vegan mozzarella was also grand, perfectly melty (it’s a real adjective) without being heavy or ‘fake’ tasting. I don’t think you can go wrong with my topping options & I was really impressed with the options available as I feel you can make a very sophisticated flavour profile from the ingredients at hand.


Did you know that alcohol, particularly wine & beer can be NOT VEGAN … is nothing sacred? If you were not aware I will give you a moment to mourn the lose of an easy liquor store choice.

The attempt to find a vegan wine whilst out has proved to be the most difficult part of my ‘eating out’ transition, not at all aided by ignorant people telling me things like … ‘most wine is vegan but sometimes it has animal by products in it’ … sorry to burst your bubble random bar tender that is not vegan then is it. Any how rant over, Ask Italian takes all of the hard work out of choosing a beverage with an entirely vegan beverage menu!!!


I went with the Sangiovese IGT, it was easy to drink & went really well with my pizza creation.


I am a firm believer that dessert is the most important part of pretty much every meal, so you can image my delight at seeing two fantastic dessert options on the Ask menu. Naturally I went with the chocolate option, the vegan blood orange & chocolate tart … can I tell you it was as good as it sounds.


Thanks for reading, have you been to Ask Italian or do you have a favourite high street restaurant I should try before heading back to Canada?

much love,

freckled.rambles xx


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