| 2017; That’s a Wrap |

Um, hi, hello … where the f**k did 2017 go?

I feel like so much was accomplished in 2017 but still did the year even happen? Firstly I’d like to give a big shout out to Australia for finally legalising same-sex marriage, you took your time fam but we got there in the end.

This post could be 10000 years long, so to be short & sweet here are the big events of 2017 for me:

  • I became vegan & love it
  • I saw 9 bears in Yellowstone National Park (this is a momentous event)
  • Josh & I spent a month back in the UK
  • & another year in Canada
  • Josh & I celebrated 2 years together

I am also very aware that this is coming to you all at the end of January … no hate please it’s hard to get my life together. On a semi-serious note, though I am ready for the rest of 2018 to get rolling, I have only one trimester of University left & am so ready to be done studying. There are also some particularly exciting moves in my future & a mountain of content ideas for both here & over on Youtube.

If you haven’t already I’d love for you to subscribe/follow & hang out with me on my other platforms as well:

Instagram: @freckled.rambles

Twitter: @freckledrambles

Youtube: freckled.rambles

Let’s all make a pact to have the best year yet in 2018 & do all of the things that we’ve been thinking of but maybe holding back on.

much love,

freckled.rambles xx.



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