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Today we’re having a look at Soap & Glory’s:

DRAMA CLEAN 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water


I picked this makeup remover up about 5 days ago – classic me arrived in the UK with no makeup remover, I didn’t even have a ‘Say Yes to Cucumber’ travel face wipe left – I honestly shock myself with my lack of preparation sometimes. Not to fear, Josh & I flew down to the local Boots to free my skin of the latest makeup endeavour I’d embarked upon.

Although I went in hoping to get something from the Say Yes to Carrot range I’m not a particularly brand loyal kind of person, I love to try out new products & my only requirement is that the brand is cruelty free. Browsing through the shelves I was faced with a conundrum – not one brand of makeup wipes came from a cruelty free brand – I thought the trip was going to be for naught & we’d have to go somewhere else, when I turned around & with a feeling of excitement I saw the Soap & Glory stand. For some reason I had it in my head that Soap & Glory was not a cruelty free brand, I’ve always looked at their products & steered clear but in my time of need I had a quick google (why I had I not done this previously I do not know) & found that they are in fact a cruelty free brand HORAY!

I’m sure most of you have heard of, if not tried Micellar Water or as Soap & Glory have nicknamed theirs – ‘Miracle Water’. Way back when before I new the importance of cruelty free makeup & skincare I used the Garnier Micellar Water to remove my makeup, so when I saw that Soap & Glory had a Micellar Water I knew I had to try it.

Ok so what do Soap & Glory have to say about this product:

No rubbing required! Remove make-up, dirt and impurities in one clean sweep with our astonishingly gentle yet effective Drama Clean™ 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water (or as we call it ‘miracle water’). This no-need-to-rinse, oil-free, non-drying, complete face and eye-makeup-removing marvel is the smart-girl’s way to get skin super clean, soothed and smoothed.

What’s in it that works?
• D.CLOG™ WATER – micellar cleansing technology swiftly ‘magnetises’ make-up, dirt and dead cells away.
• GO-JUICE™ – with vitamins A and C rich peach and goji berry extracts to help soften skin.
• COOL CUCUMBER WATER-JUICE – refreshes and revitalises.
• BOTANICAL CORNFLOWER EXTRACT – calms the delicate eye area.
• ALOE VERA LEAF JUICE – marvellously soothing and moisturising.

& what do I think?

Firstly, this makeup remover is soothing, gentle & leaves my skin feeling fresh – I have combination skin & it does not leave it feeling to dry or too oily – so that is a massive tick. Secondly, the claims made that ‘no rubbing is required’ are almost entirely true, except for removing my mascara where a touch of elbow grease is required to get the stubborn stuff off. Personally I don’t mind this because I’d prefer to use Coconut Oil to remove my mascara & this makeup remover to take off everything else. Finally, the smell isn’t anything special & I wouldn’t recommend getting this in your mouth but for me I don’t need my makeup remover to smell like roses so it doesn’t turn me off using it, although I know for some the smell is a vital aspect of the product, so just keep that in mind.

  • Price: £6
  • Volume: 350ml

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this product, it ticks all of the boxes which are important (to me at least) when it comes to a makeup remover from the drugstore & I will 100% be trying out some of the other skincare products from Soap & Glory.

As always, this review is not sponsored (if the day comes when brands appreciate my opinion on their products that much I’ll let you all know) & is just my humble thoughts on a new product I picked up. 

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| Beginners Brush Set |

Hey loves,

With all of the travelling I’ve been doing the last couple weeks (Canada – Australia – England) I’ve realised how extensive my makeup & brush collection is- weight wise it’s been a killer with packing. Which got me thinking: if I had to cull my brushes, which would get the flick & which would I keep, clutching them close to my loving heart in an immortal embrace? Once I thought about these specific brushes I realised they would make for the ideal beginner brush kit for a full face of makeup application.

I wanted to keep this list under ten items because let’s be real, brushes can be really expensive & when you’re starting to build your collection there’s so many more exciting things to buy….like the new KathleenLights X Morphe eyeshadow palette, or the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, or you know … food.

Below you’ll find a list of brushes / makeup applicators, which I think are essential in a first kit of tools. I’ve provided two or three options for each type of tool & have tried to provide both high & low price points for each. Please note that none of these products are sponsored-it’s purely what I think makes a great makeup tool.


Beauty Sponge:

Contour Brush:

Highlighter / Blush brush:

Setting Brush:


Brow Brush:

Shading Brush:

Blending / Crease Brush: 

Smudger Brush:

P.S. all the products listed above are cruelty free & a number are also vegan!

Thank you for reading & I hope this list provides you with something useful to take away & incorporate into  your new makeup collection, or to help you decide which tools you’ll take with you on your next travels.

Freckled.Rambles xx.

| Pumpkin Spiced Easy Fall Glam |

Happy Tuesday loves,

Today we’re having a look at the beautiful Kaylie’s face & this pumpkin spiced fall glam look I created. It’s beyond easy to recreate & I tried really hard to use products which you can dupe or pick up easily. To see the full tutorial head over to my youtube channel!

> click me <


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Let’s talk about H&M’s Fall 2016 Campaign

Welcome back to my blog .. I know I’ve been seriously slack on my posting … SORRY! I’m going to get back into regular posts for you all & I thought there’s no better place to start then a massive praise to H&M for their 2016 Fall Campaign video! Here is the link to YouTube & I 100% recommend you go check it out: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8-RY6fWVrQ0

I love this campaign, it’s smart, sassy & packs a massive punch for the diversity of women in society. It is so important for large brands like H&M to present a positive opinion on the female image. The culmination of different types of women present the fall line in a fun, energetic & ‘fuck you’ way which I adore! 

All in all high five H&M you’ve killed it with this campaign! 

Freckled.Rambles xx. 

July BoxyCharm – OFRA Shadows.

Hello again,

I know this post is slightly late as I’m sure my August BoxyCharm is on it’s way to me as I type BUT, I finally got around to using the OFRA shadow’s I received in last months box & wowee they are fab! So I thought I’d throw together a super quick little post with some swatches & my initial feelings on the shadows.

Firstly the colours scream OH YES to me, sultry, smokey & delicious. The shades I received are: Bohemian, Buttercup, Smoke, Iron, Truffle & Millennium Gold.
(a quick disclaimer here – I rearagned the shadows before I’d looked at the back of the palette & therefore f**cked up the order they were in)

OFRA close up.jpg

The combination of colours in this starter palette is fantastic & you can create two basic smokey eyes from the shades as well as a lovely neutral day to day eye look.The combination of matte & shimmer shadows is equal & the shadows are super pigmented & not at all powdery which is essential in there being no fall out during application. I found the shadows blended out well on the eyelid & held their pigmentation well even when I was blending numerous shades together.

OFRA Swatches.jpg

Now I forgot to take a proper photo of my face when I used these shadows the other night to go out but here is a cute little photo of Josh & I after our evening.


Thank you for dropping by & I’ll speak with you again soon!

Freckled.Rambles xx.

Must have makeup setters!

Hey everyone,

Today’s post is well overdue & covers a very important aspect of makeup application: SETTING. There’s nothing worse (figuratively) then slaying your makeup for it to slide down your face 4 hours later when the temperature climbs & the sweat creeps in. That is where an A+ setting product is vital & today I have to products I want to talk about. Firstly, I think it is important to note that I have a fairly combination skin type, I’d by no means say I have oily skin but after a long day of makeup wear I can see a touch of shine. So now for the products & I’ll stop rambling.

When I was younger & going clubbing a lot I would always set my makeup with a powder foundation atop the liquid foundation I used. As I got older I stopped doing this & embraced the dewy finish of my foundation, using a setting spray to stop it sliding around throughout the day. I’ve used a variety of setting sprays throughout the years & I will always love the Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray but recently I purchased the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray & can I saw WOW! This setting spray 100% matte’s out my foundation & stops all shin from creeping through whilst also holding everything in place all day. Additionally, the application is flawless, the liquid is dispersed gentle & you do not get left with any large deposits of fluid on your foundation. To top it all off this setting spray is only $10 which compared to many others on the market is fantastically cheap.

The second product I want to talk about is the OFRA Oil Control Pressed Powder, this product is at the higher end of the price range coming in at $52 on the OFRA website. I received mine in last months BoxyCharm & I could not be happier, as I said previously I used to be a fan of setting my foundation with a powder foundation & moved from that into setting sprays. I have now found the ideal middle ground where I can set my frustrating T’Zone (the only area on my face & many others which gets shiny) with this pressed powder, I use a Real Techniques Multi-Task brush to pat the product over my foundation lightly. I had forgotten how good a powder can be to set your makeup & the OFRA powder is perfect because it doesn’t alter the colour of your foundation or concealer, it is also great for setting your under eye concealer.


Essentially I think this combination is super & if you are on a budget the NYX setting spray is almost as good entirely on its own. I hope you all enjoyed this quick post & if there is anything else you would like me to write about please leave me a comment below!

Freckled.Rambles xx.