Simple Red Lip. 

Hello everyone, 

I hope April is treating everyone fabulously, my broken arm is going well & the cast is coming off on the 28th! Yay! 

Today I thought I’d write about something slightly different, in that it’s a make up look I created yesterday & not just one product (although the products I used are to die for). 


I am the hugest fan of a red lip to spice up a pretty simple look, I wore this with an oversized vintage Beatles shirt, cut off torn ASOS jeans & black leather ankle boots. 

What made up the look? 


  • Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer (I’ve previously reviewed this)  
  • Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Porcelain
  • M.A.C Select Cover-Up in NW15
  •  Too Faced Matte Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil 
  • Wet n Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Catwak Pink 


  • Smashbox 24hr Photo Finish Shadow Primer
  •  Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette in Rum Rasin & Mousse 
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 Mascara  


  • Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil   
  • Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel 


  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Colour Penicl in NSFW
  • Nutrimetics Hydra Brilliance Lipstick in Geranium 

 This lipstick is creamy heaven, I’ve noticed that because Nutrimetics isn’t a ‘mainstream’ beauty brand that people aren’t talking about how fabulous the products are. I cannot recommend these lipsticks enough, they are hydrating & once dry feel like nothing’s on your lips at all & without cracking. 

I also have some very exciting news, broken arm & all I’m on YouTube! So pretty please with a cherry on top go check out my channel at the link below & subscribe. 

Freckled.Rambles YouTube channel


Favourite Three Perfumes.

Hello, hello!

My god, the last week & a half has been quite the fiasco. Apologise for the lack of activity on my part but I’ve broken my arm & can I tell you adult life is very hard with one working arm / hand. Apart from the broken arm I went to Switzerland for the first time & it is stunningly beautiful, completely amazing! It is a combination of these things, plus multiple doctors trips now that I am back in England which put a minor halt on my posting (typing this with one hand is ridiculous).

What am I writing about today?

My three top favourite perfumes at the moment! They are also sitting in three separate price points which is a nice surprise for anyone on a budget.

Flora by Gucci is the sexy night out sent of the year for me, with the perfect combination of floral femininity & deep contrasting sensuality. I adore the packaging which reminds me of a days gone by elegance. It is at the higher end of the price range but oh so worth it.


Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein is my go to day time sent, it is lighter then the original Euphoria & brings up thoughts of long summer days with friends. Although sadly it has been discontinued in major department stores for some unknown reason, I have bought up big so I don’t have to say goodbye just yet. I have found two online perfume stores below which still have it in stock for anyone who’s going to miss this beautiful sent as much as me.


Japanese Cherry Blossom from The Body Shop is the most recent member into my perfume wardrobe & can I tell you she is here to stay. The first thing to note is the amazing price point of this fragrance it is extremely affordable. Secondly the sent is beautiful, I haven’t been one for body mists in the past, but the subtle, delicious combination of magnolia, cherry blossom & hinoki wood in this is beautiful.


Have you tried any of these perfumes? If so which is your favourite or do you have a sent to suggest?


LimeCrime Venus Palette.

Hello everyone!

Apologise for the delay in this post getting to you all. I moved to England last Wednesday & it has been a whirlwind of sightseeing & getting myself sorted with the huge weather change from boiling Australia.

Here is a super quick post about the LimeCrime Venus Palette 1, I’m not a huge fan of the second palette which was released a few months ago but this one is to die for.

LimeCrime colours

As the lovely ladies at LimeCrime stated the palette is the ’90’s grunge look’ heaven. With a host of ‘bruised fruit’ coloured shadows full of lasting pigment & jazz.

Venus swatches

DivineMuse are my absolute favourites, but unlike so many palettes all of these colours are versatile & make an ideal basic palette.

Moreover, the packaging is adorable & transport friendly. The lid holds closed with a magnetic press stud & the small rectangular shape fits into most small make up bags which is a refreshing change to monstrous palettes with the same number of shadows.

Venus Palette frontVenus palette back

That was short & sweet, much like this palette. I have started filming some tutorials so watch out for those soon.




Prime Time.

Stop what you are doing & read this!

Last week I made the grandest make-up discovery of 2016 (it’s early days I know but this is pretty special).

TARTE: Clean Slate Poreless 12hr Perfecting Primer!

My make-up routine has been revamped thanks to this little tube of magic.

Up until last week I had been making my way through a tester size ‘porefessional’ by Benefit, which was nothing to write home about. It hid my pores in the morning but by the evening it was like my make-up had taken a trip to the local slip & slide. So off I went to Mecca Maxima to get myself a new Primer, the lady I spoke with was all kinds of helpful however I just did not land on something which caught my eye & skin. Honestly, I think I just had it in my mind that I wanted to try the Tarte primer and no amount of selling ability was going to convince me otherwise.

Thankfully in Sydney CBD we have a Mecca Maxima & Sephora, so I just made my way across Pitt street & through those big glass black & white doors. With the primer in my bag & my wallet pretty happy (only $43 from Sephora Australia) I dropped by Doughnut Time & got myself a tasty doughnut before heading home to test this beauty out.

I think the easiest way to explain what this primer does is to list the description on the tube because it lives up to all of the things it says it controls:

  • pore refining
  • waterproof
  • line filling


I get ready for work at 6am & don’t return home until 7pm every night. Since using this primer I have not had to take a loose powder to work to touch up my foundation towards the end of the day. I’ve noticed my skin appears smoother in photos & even when I’m in my pole dancing class everything has stayed put.

This primer does have a slightly silicon texture, but is light as a feather once applied onto your skin, I apply this with my fingers & use the tiniest amount spread from the centre of my face outwards.

Here is the link to pick this A+ primer up off the Sephora website (Australia & USA):

Give it a go, let me know how you find it!


Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette.

Hello everyone!

Sit down and get ready for a special Thursday post!

Part two of the Chocolate Bar Palette series has arrived! I hope some of you have managed to get your hands on either the Bon Bon palette or the Peanut Butter & Jelly palette.

I’m writing this post on my way home from work (the train makes for ultimate post writing time) & very excited about my impending move to England on the 8th March!

Now, the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette is hands down a must have for any make-up collection whether it’s big, small or in-between. I bought this palette whilst living in Canada last year & as you can see from the below photo it got a fair work out. I was the unofficial house make-up artist & this was my go to for all the girls I lived with. Dark, dramatic eyes are a love of mine & this palette provides bucket loads.


My top colour picks from this palette are; frosting, rum raisin, bon bon, caramel & peanut butter. Like the original Chocolate Bar palette the two larger pan colours can be used as a base or highlighter & butter pecan is a lovely gold toned highlighter.

Semi-Sweet swatches 2Semi-Sweet swatches 1

The only sore point I find is the blueberry swirl has a pretty poor colour pay off, I’ve tried applying with both my finger tip and various eyeshadow brushes and just can’t seem to get that vibrant blue colour from the pan (I also always use an eyeshadow primer – 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer by Smashbox), a minor issue, considering I’m head over heels in love with the other 15 colours I can move past this.

Side note: my swatches are not great in showing the vibrance of these colours on the skin, apologies for that.

I am also currently working on getting myself set up to film some tutorials and vlogs! I shall keep you all posted.


Face of Australia – Highlight.

Good Morning!

This post is going to be short & sweet because I am just loving this Mineral Therapy Illuminator in Angel Mist by Face of Australia. I’ve never owned anything or even thought of buying any of Face of Australia’s products but can I say this is a winner & I will definitely be returning to their stand in my local Priceline to see what other products I can try out.

I would suggest the colour I have here is more suited for a fair skin tone (I’m super pasty apart from the freckles as you can see below) although it is available in three other tones, Angel Glow, Angel Flame & Angel Blush.

This is a liquid highlight but it is easy to apply & blend with only your finger tips, it also sits on top of foundation with ease & lasts well throughout the day / night. The shimmer pay off is spectacular & the price is beyond reasonable at only $14.95.

Highlight swatch

Below are links to both the Face of Australia website and Priceline where you can pick yourself up this amazing highlight.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.

Too Faced Chocolate Palettes are by no means new on the market, but with the impending launch of the Peanut Butter & Jelly palette & the recent launch of the Bon Bon palette (in a Mecca Maxima near you today) what better time to revisit an old favourite, part one.

I’ll begin with the original chocolate palette, this was the second eyeshadow palette I purchased in my life (coming in behind the Urban Decay New York palette – amazing palette, I should definitely give it it’s own post) & can I tell you it was one of the most exciting early make-up purchases I have made. Strolling down The Strip in Las Vegas I made a beeline for Sephora, the only bright lights which truly interested me among casinos and night clubs. Through those pearly gates I marched, a little apprehensive I will admit (not having Sephora in Australia at this time I was beaming with anticipation) after a starry eyed roam around the store I landed upon the Too Faced display, well safe to say I was in heaven. Chocolate infused make-up – WHAT? Amazing. Next thing I’m leaving Sephora chuffed as Larry with my bag of goodies. The main attraction being the Chocolate palette. I hope you don’t mind the minor back story into my discovery of the Too Faced palette’s but I can’t help but reminisce.


Now, what is so damn fabulous about the Chocolate Bar palette? Besides from the mouth watering smell of chocolate you receive every time the lid is opened, it is the chocolate smokey eye heaven, with a splash of girly charm. The Chocolate Bar is an assortment of  gold & brown with just enough purple & burgundy to spice it up a little. The palette hosts 11 shimmer/glitter shades & 5 matte, which for me is ideal because it provides the perfect sultry sparkle to my day when I’m feeling everything that glitters is gold. Whilst still maintaining the strong base players to support a casual everyday eye. 

chocolate bar swatches 1

chocolate bar swatch 2

In the last few weeks I have rekindled my love of this palette and have been smashing the shades semi-sweet all over the lid, salted caramel in the crease blended out and marzipan in the inner corner of my eye – its the perfect go to day time look paired with semi-matte skin & a light contour. 

As a side note, champagne truffle is a to die for highlighter on those fairer skinned ladies.


Would you like to see a step by step photo guide for this? Drop me a message in the comments!