| 2017; That’s a Wrap |

Um, hi, hello … where the f**k did 2017 go?

I feel like so much was accomplished in 2017 but still did the year even happen? Firstly I’d like to give a big shout out to Australia for finally legalising same-sex marriage, you took your time fam but we got there in the end.

This post could be 10000 years long, so to be short & sweet here are the big events of 2017 for me:

  • I became vegan & love it
  • I saw 9 bears in Yellowstone National Park (this is a momentous event)
  • Josh & I spent a month back in the UK
  • & another year in Canada
  • Josh & I celebrated 2 years together

I am also very aware that this is coming to you all at the end of January … no hate please it’s hard to get my life together. On a semi-serious note, though I am ready for the rest of 2018 to get rolling, I have only one trimester of University left & am so ready to be done studying. There are also some particularly exciting moves in my future & a mountain of content ideas for both here & over on Youtube.

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Let’s all make a pact to have the best year yet in 2018 & do all of the things that we’ve been thinking of but maybe holding back on.

much love,

freckled.rambles xx.



| My Favourite Places to Eat Vegan in Toronto |

Sitting in front of my computer this morning I’ve been thinking about what I should write today, something makeup related .. no, something about skincare .. no, & then I found myself reminiscing on the delicious vegan treats & meals which I enjoyed early last month in Toronto.

BOOM, let’s talk vegan eats in Toronto.

A quick disclaimer, I have yet to eat at all of the available vegan restaurants, cafes, take aways & hole in the wall venues across the fabulous city, however, over the three days of exploring before Josh & I flew back to the UK, we found some great vegan joints. I also REALLY suck at remembering to take photos of my food before I’ve devoured 3/4 of it so I’m going to insert photos from the various venue’s websites as well as the minimal photos I took .. I’ll get better at this, promise.

First up we have Bloomer’s, located at 873 Bloor St W. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloomersto/

I’ll be honest the one & only reason we went to Bloomer’s was for doughnuts. My life is somewhat dictated by a strong obsession for doughnuts & upon making the switch to veganism I was confident there were fabulous vegan doughnuts out there. Oh man was I right. After deliberating for what felt like hours over flavours like Pumpkin Pie & Birthday Cake I ended up with three doughnuts (yep that’s right, three) …

  • French Toast & Bacon
  • Rose Water & Pistachio
  • Elderflower


Needless to say I fell into doughnut heaven & was despondent leaving the store knowing I was going to be out of the country and away from the doughnutopia for over a month. When I’m back in Toronto at the end of October I am going to be bulk buying these guys!

Second on this list of delicious, must visit places we have Fresh, which is a little chain of vegan restaurants throughout the city with restaurants on Spadina, Bloor, Crawford & Eglinton. Website: https://freshrestaurants.ca/

We visited the Eglinton store & I was legitimately in vegan heaven … it’s probably time for a little story now: I became vegan at the end of July this year & spent all of my time working at a summer camp which meant that 90% of the food I ate came from the camp kitchen & I didn’t get a chance to experience vegan specific restaurants. The menu at Fresh is bursting with options, but in classic Sarah style I got a burger, the Chipotle Bacon burger to be exact. It was extremely filling, super nutritious-feeling (you know when something just feels healthy) & totally delicious. Like I said earlier I suck at remembering to take photos of food when I’m hungry so here’s a snap I found on the gram – (check out the original here)



Lastly, for a quick lunch during our final day we stopped by the Urban Herbivore (a name a quietly love), located 220 Yonge Street.                  Website: https://www.herbivore.to

I feel like a lot of people assume that being vegan means crappy salads when you don’t have time for a sit down meal. Urban Herbivore definitely debunks that idea, I had an amazing ‘build your own’ bowl full of coconut bacon, sweet potato, cauliflower as well as a tone of other tasty ingredients. It was the biggest ‘salad’ I’ve ever hard & I was practically exploding after eating the whole thing which is an important feature in a meal for me. Again I did not take a photo so thank you to Urban Herbivore for having a fire Instagram & here is a snap from their page – (check the original here).


There you have it fam, three of my must visit, totally loved vegan places in Toronto. If you’ve been to any of these or if you have a favourite place in Toronto that I need to visit when I’m back at the end of the month lets chat in the comments!

much love,


| Life Update – New Direction |

She’s alive!!!

I know you don’t have to tell me I’ve been gone forever … sadly I am not a tech savvy as I thought & a little glitch in WordPress as well as, well life has kept me from writing all kinds of things for you lovely people.

On that lets dive head first into a little old life update. Kicking it off I should let you all know that I am back in the UK for the next month & a bit so if you have any super cool things this not so cool girl should check out please let me know (predominately food related please .. I really like food). Guess it’s the right time to tell you all also that after an embarrassingly long time I have seen the light & joined the vegan train, thats right no more bloating & grossness for this girl. I will 100% be making another post in the very near future which will go into more details about making the change to veganism so if that’s something which interests you please subscribe so you’ll get fun emails telling you when I’ve posted.

A new direction is in order, I’ve been feeling stale & flat in relation to my writing, looks, ideas & blog theme so here we go a I’m going to lay down my ideas for you. Be kind but be honest:

  • a stronger focus on style  – clothing, shoes, accessories
  • more reviews & impressions on vegan/cruelty-free makeup products
  • skincare routines & products
  • A+ vegan treats, restaurants & recipes

I hope that you are all as excited as I am for the upcoming changes!

much love,


| Makeup & Travel — UGH |

It’s a pretty dreary fall evening here in England, the rains been on & off for most of the day – as has my suitcase packing.

Those of you who have been following me for sometime now will know that I spend a fair whack of my time travelling between Australia, Canada & England. You’ll also know that these aren’t short holiday trips & are instead your ‘pick up everything, move to a new country, hang out there for a bit & go do the same thing all over again in six months time’ kinda  thing. Anyone who has done the long haul flight thing will know that it isn’t good : cramped spaces, crying children, subpar food & uncomfortable air-conditioning make the journey arduous. Although theres no room for complaint when that long haul flight is taking you somewhere fantastic!

Now that I’ve just word-vomited all over this post what I wanted to talk to you all about was makeup & travel. I may even turn this into a mini series of makeup & travel related info – if you’d like to read that let me know in the comments. So, like I mentioned I’ve spent the last couple days trying to pack up my life again to move back to Canada (I was living in Ontario up until a month ago) for the winter season – bring on snowboards & caesers.

Packing is for me one of the most stressful things, I procrastinate, complain & am downright annoying leading up to any travel because of the fact. I find it so supremely difficult to pack – especially makeup – so I thought today lets talk about the perfect amount of carry on makeup (I’m not at all brave enough to admit to you all how much makeup is in my checked bag at this point).

Firstly, its very important to get yourself a solid makeup bag (although it definitely doesn’t need to be an actual makeup bag) here are a few bags which, let’s face it are too cute & will fit everything you’ll need:

Option 1


Option 2


I love both of these styles, the second set from Cotton On in Australia is fantastic because you get three varying sizes & the racoon is to die for, whilst the first set is sturdy & would be ideal for bottled makeup (like foundation & moisturiser).

Once you’ve sorted out a bag it’s time to work out what items you need & want with you at the airport & on the plane (bus, train, magic carpet or whatever form of transport you’re taking). Depending on the length of your flight you will need & want different products -lets say we’re going on a 10hr flight – the most important thing to have in your makeup bag is moisturiser! I use the Nutrimetics Comfort Calm Day Creme – 60ml.


Obviously when you’re packing your carry on bag with cosmetics & skin care you need to make sure that all of your products are under 100ml, that is a perk of this moisturiser but you can always buy a travel makeup bottle, all drugstores sell them & transfer a smaller amount of product for the flight.

The second key item you need in your makeup bag is cosmetic wipes. After 10hrs of flying your skin feels like its acquired the germs of every person on the plane & wiping it all away with a wipe is bliss – it’s also important if you had makeup on going to the airport because you do not want to clog your pores by wearing makeup for the entire flight. As I’m sure you know there are thousands of makeup wipes on the market but these are a few I recommend.

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


All of these wipes are great & cruelty free. The Say Yes to Cucumber wipes are a great travel size & will fit into your makeup bag with ease (these are the wipes I always have in my travel bag) but the other wipes are also fantastic, nourishing & affordable.

Once you’ve got these basics down its time to think about the quantity of actual makeup you want to carry with you. Luckily most makeup comes in under the 100ml mark so you shouldn’t have to worry about that too much. I find it easiest to split my makeup into three main categories: face, eyes, lips. For me the most important category here is ‘face’ I love for my skin to look flawless even after hours on a plane so I ensure I have the following items:

I’m not going to tell you which brand or specific item to buy in these categories – the items I’ve listed is what I have in my bag. Personally if my face & eyebrows are done then I’m good to go on a flight, but it can be nice to put a bit of something on the eyes & the lips to feel completely put together – especially if you’ve got somewhere to be straight from the flight. My current travel on lip & eye products are:

Finally you’re going to need some tools to get this all onto your face & I feel like this in an area where it can be easy to over do it on the amount of brushes you pack. Last week I put a little post together of an ideal beginner brush kit (here) & realistically this could be a travel kit as well, but you might need to cull even more space so here’s a revised list of brushes.

With these five types of brushes you will be able to flawlessly revamp your face following a long flight without killing your carry on weight limit. As always all of the products I have listed are cruelty free & are in my opinion top products.

There you have it, I hope this post will be helpful for you on your next journey in some way. It’s time to get some zzz’s, it’s 11pm here in Gatwick & Josh & I have got a packed day of travel tomorrow!

Freckled.Rambles xx.



| Beginners Brush Set |

Hey loves,

With all of the travelling I’ve been doing the last couple weeks (Canada – Australia – England) I’ve realised how extensive my makeup & brush collection is- weight wise it’s been a killer with packing. Which got me thinking: if I had to cull my brushes, which would get the flick & which would I keep, clutching them close to my loving heart in an immortal embrace? Once I thought about these specific brushes I realised they would make for the ideal beginner brush kit for a full face of makeup application.

I wanted to keep this list under ten items because let’s be real, brushes can be really expensive & when you’re starting to build your collection there’s so many more exciting things to buy….like the new KathleenLights X Morphe eyeshadow palette, or the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, or you know … food.

Below you’ll find a list of brushes / makeup applicators, which I think are essential in a first kit of tools. I’ve provided two or three options for each type of tool & have tried to provide both high & low price points for each. Please note that none of these products are sponsored-it’s purely what I think makes a great makeup tool.


Beauty Sponge:

Contour Brush:

Highlighter / Blush brush:

Setting Brush:


Brow Brush:

Shading Brush:

Blending / Crease Brush: 

Smudger Brush:

P.S. all the products listed above are cruelty free & a number are also vegan!

Thank you for reading & I hope this list provides you with something useful to take away & incorporate into  your new makeup collection, or to help you decide which tools you’ll take with you on your next travels.

Freckled.Rambles xx.


Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog to have a read. My name is Sarah & I am a twenty two year old Aussie who’s studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History & about to leave the land of kangaroos to head off overseas.

I have a serious love for make-up & fashion (although I think my boyfriend might call it an obsession) & thought why not write about it, sure it gives me a reason to buy more make-up & clothes, but it’s also something to write about instead of the history of witch craft or the foundation of Rome.

I hope you all thoroughly enjoy what is to come, please shoot me suggestions, thoughts or your favourite chocolate I’m all ears.

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