| 2017; That’s a Wrap |

Um, hi, hello … where the f**k did 2017 go?

I feel like so much was accomplished in 2017 but still did the year even happen? Firstly I’d like to give a big shout out to Australia for finally legalising same-sex marriage, you took your time fam but we got there in the end.

This post could be 10000 years long, so to be short & sweet here are the big events of 2017 for me:

  • I became vegan & love it
  • I saw 9 bears in Yellowstone National Park (this is a momentous event)
  • Josh & I spent a month back in the UK
  • & another year in Canada
  • Josh & I celebrated 2 years together

I am also very aware that this is coming to you all at the end of January … no hate please it’s hard to get my life together. On a semi-serious note, though I am ready for the rest of 2018 to get rolling, I have only one trimester of University left & am so ready to be done studying. There are also some particularly exciting moves in my future & a mountain of content ideas for both here & over on Youtube.

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Let’s all make a pact to have the best year yet in 2018 & do all of the things that we’ve been thinking of but maybe holding back on.

much love,

freckled.rambles xx.



| New Things I’m About |

You’ve made it past Wednesday, it’s a easy slide into the weekend now. Why not make it a little easier by taking some time out to watch my latest video over on Youtube? It’s a very relaxed chat where I go through some of the new products I’ve picked up. Check it out here – NEW VIDEO!


much love,

freckled.rambles xx


| Ask Italian |

How good is food? I know you’re all nodding along here thinking of some tasty arse food you’ve had. Being vegan shouldn’t affect your access to tasty food, however unfortunately sometimes it does. While restaurants & cafe’s get used to adding more vegan friendly options to their menus it is helpful to know where we can go to get an affordable but delicious meal.

Queue Ask Italian, falling into your ‘high street’ restaurant bracket of urban eateries I was pleasantly surprised. The entire vegan menu is pictured below & I’m not sure about you but I really enjoyed that they had a kids vegan menu for all the little stars changing the world.

It is not a huge menu but they had pasta & pizza (lets be fair I came for the pizza) so I was happy!


I had the design your own pizza option & went with the aubergine, mushrooms, olives & onions … I know more then three options … I’m a rebel. The pizza was amazing, honestly. A lovely thin, crispy base with a flavourful tomato base, the vegan mozzarella was also grand, perfectly melty (it’s a real adjective) without being heavy or ‘fake’ tasting. I don’t think you can go wrong with my topping options & I was really impressed with the options available as I feel you can make a very sophisticated flavour profile from the ingredients at hand.


Did you know that alcohol, particularly wine & beer can be NOT VEGAN … is nothing sacred? If you were not aware I will give you a moment to mourn the lose of an easy liquor store choice.

The attempt to find a vegan wine whilst out has proved to be the most difficult part of my ‘eating out’ transition, not at all aided by ignorant people telling me things like … ‘most wine is vegan but sometimes it has animal by products in it’ … sorry to burst your bubble random bar tender that is not vegan then is it. Any how rant over, Ask Italian takes all of the hard work out of choosing a beverage with an entirely vegan beverage menu!!!


I went with the Sangiovese IGT, it was easy to drink & went really well with my pizza creation.


I am a firm believer that dessert is the most important part of pretty much every meal, so you can image my delight at seeing two fantastic dessert options on the Ask menu. Naturally I went with the chocolate option, the vegan blood orange & chocolate tart … can I tell you it was as good as it sounds.


Thanks for reading, have you been to Ask Italian or do you have a favourite high street restaurant I should try before heading back to Canada?

much love,

freckled.rambles xx

| a fall makeup tutorial |

Hello family!

I filmed a little tutorial which is very fall inspired & I used a tone of affordable products. You should definitely click this link & go check it out!



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much love,


| My Favourite Places to Eat Vegan in Toronto |

Sitting in front of my computer this morning I’ve been thinking about what I should write today, something makeup related .. no, something about skincare .. no, & then I found myself reminiscing on the delicious vegan treats & meals which I enjoyed early last month in Toronto.

BOOM, let’s talk vegan eats in Toronto.

A quick disclaimer, I have yet to eat at all of the available vegan restaurants, cafes, take aways & hole in the wall venues across the fabulous city, however, over the three days of exploring before Josh & I flew back to the UK, we found some great vegan joints. I also REALLY suck at remembering to take photos of my food before I’ve devoured 3/4 of it so I’m going to insert photos from the various venue’s websites as well as the minimal photos I took .. I’ll get better at this, promise.

First up we have Bloomer’s, located at 873 Bloor St W. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloomersto/

I’ll be honest the one & only reason we went to Bloomer’s was for doughnuts. My life is somewhat dictated by a strong obsession for doughnuts & upon making the switch to veganism I was confident there were fabulous vegan doughnuts out there. Oh man was I right. After deliberating for what felt like hours over flavours like Pumpkin Pie & Birthday Cake I ended up with three doughnuts (yep that’s right, three) …

  • French Toast & Bacon
  • Rose Water & Pistachio
  • Elderflower


Needless to say I fell into doughnut heaven & was despondent leaving the store knowing I was going to be out of the country and away from the doughnutopia for over a month. When I’m back in Toronto at the end of October I am going to be bulk buying these guys!

Second on this list of delicious, must visit places we have Fresh, which is a little chain of vegan restaurants throughout the city with restaurants on Spadina, Bloor, Crawford & Eglinton. Website: https://freshrestaurants.ca/

We visited the Eglinton store & I was legitimately in vegan heaven … it’s probably time for a little story now: I became vegan at the end of July this year & spent all of my time working at a summer camp which meant that 90% of the food I ate came from the camp kitchen & I didn’t get a chance to experience vegan specific restaurants. The menu at Fresh is bursting with options, but in classic Sarah style I got a burger, the Chipotle Bacon burger to be exact. It was extremely filling, super nutritious-feeling (you know when something just feels healthy) & totally delicious. Like I said earlier I suck at remembering to take photos of food when I’m hungry so here’s a snap I found on the gram – (check out the original here)



Lastly, for a quick lunch during our final day we stopped by the Urban Herbivore (a name a quietly love), located 220 Yonge Street.                  Website: https://www.herbivore.to

I feel like a lot of people assume that being vegan means crappy salads when you don’t have time for a sit down meal. Urban Herbivore definitely debunks that idea, I had an amazing ‘build your own’ bowl full of coconut bacon, sweet potato, cauliflower as well as a tone of other tasty ingredients. It was the biggest ‘salad’ I’ve ever hard & I was practically exploding after eating the whole thing which is an important feature in a meal for me. Again I did not take a photo so thank you to Urban Herbivore for having a fire Instagram & here is a snap from their page – (check the original here).


There you have it fam, three of my must visit, totally loved vegan places in Toronto. If you’ve been to any of these or if you have a favourite place in Toronto that I need to visit when I’m back at the end of the month lets chat in the comments!

much love,


| Life Update – New Direction |

She’s alive!!!

I know you don’t have to tell me I’ve been gone forever … sadly I am not a tech savvy as I thought & a little glitch in WordPress as well as, well life has kept me from writing all kinds of things for you lovely people.

On that lets dive head first into a little old life update. Kicking it off I should let you all know that I am back in the UK for the next month & a bit so if you have any super cool things this not so cool girl should check out please let me know (predominately food related please .. I really like food). Guess it’s the right time to tell you all also that after an embarrassingly long time I have seen the light & joined the vegan train, thats right no more bloating & grossness for this girl. I will 100% be making another post in the very near future which will go into more details about making the change to veganism so if that’s something which interests you please subscribe so you’ll get fun emails telling you when I’ve posted.

A new direction is in order, I’ve been feeling stale & flat in relation to my writing, looks, ideas & blog theme so here we go a I’m going to lay down my ideas for you. Be kind but be honest:

  • a stronger focus on style  – clothing, shoes, accessories
  • more reviews & impressions on vegan/cruelty-free makeup products
  • skincare routines & products
  • A+ vegan treats, restaurants & recipes

I hope that you are all as excited as I am for the upcoming changes!

much love,


| Northlore Skincare |

Happy Thursday loves,

I hope February is treating you well, whether you’re rugged up for the cold winter in the north or bikini clad frolicking in the sun in the south.

I’ve never been a huge skincare lover, in that it doesn’t really excite me all too much;

  1.  I’m super lazy so the thought of spending anymore time working on my face before getting into bed is ghastly.
  2. I’d much prefer to be spending my money on new makeup not skincare

However, since finding Northlore my whole skincare outlook has changed. Firstly, I’ll fill you in on the company details of Northlore, it is a itty bitty little company from Saskatoon, Canada owned by Natassia Brazeau. The ‘our story’ page on their website really covers everything I could say;

“Northlore specializes in small batch, plant-based body care, prepared with plants grow in our community of biodynamic gardens, and wildcrafted from the northern forests and grasslands near our home on the Canadian Prairies. We use folk methods of extraction to offer you the optimum plant potency in skincare, steam distilling plants in our copper still, and lunar infusing them into oils. Northlore’s formulas are inspired by plant lore and the wisdom of folk recipes. We access bioactive properties within local flowers, leaves, roots, clays, honey, and salt to heal and nourish your body. Crafted in sync with the cycle of the seasons and imbued with the mystical energies of the moon, our all-natural products are earth-based, meant to inspire you in rituals of self-care. We place the utmost value on the earth, the safety of your body, and our primordial connection to the plants that sustain us all.”

I picked up two skincare products from the Northlore line at a boutique shop in Fernie, BC & have been so overwhelmed with the quality, results & scents of the products. If you’ve been around for a while you’ll know that it is very important to me that I am using cruelty free products in all aspects of my skincare/makeup/hygiene routine so when I found these products, which are natural & cruelty free I was jumping for joy!

The first item I bought was the Rosehip Seed Facial Serum, this stuff is AMAZING. I have wanted to try a serum/oil for my daily moisturiser for a while now but could never find the right product & I have most definitely found it in this serum. Meant for combination skin I have not experienced any of the excess oil build up I was concerned about with trying an oil to moisturise.


After falling in love with the above serum I knew I needed to try out more of these products so I picked up the Yarrow & Lavender Cleansing Grains. Talk about a sensory overload, the scent of these grains is fantastic, my bathroom always smells so good after cleaning my face with these & I love the fact that these grains start out as a textured powder & once you add water to the mixture you’re left with a paste of whatever consistency you’d like (you can use it as a face mask, thick scrub or light cleanser) & lets be honest who doesn’t love a multi use product. I’ve found this cleanser really cleans out my pores without feeling like it is striping my skin of the naturals oils. All in all it is fantastic!


I’ve given you a brief overview of these products, but I would definitely recommend heading over to http://www.northloregoods.com/ & having a bit more of a read of the products available & if you do decide to give any of them ago please let me know what you think!

bye for now,